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Biotechnology is a series of enabling technologies which uses biological processes, organisms, or systems to produce/manufacture goods, products and services intended to improve the quality of life. The interdisciplinary nature of this branch of science encompasses a wide range of disciplines towards the study of animals, plants and microorganisms to harness the activities for wellbeing. It is rapidly gaining significance and opportunities for the students, faculty members and graduates who want to explore the new frontiers of science are simply immense. Keeping the pivotal importance of Biotechnology, the government of Bangladesh has prioritized investing to meet the challenges of the millennium through biotechnology education and research. As a part of this initiative, Khulna University took the leading role of introducing biotechnology program at tertiary level in 1995. Later, this discipline was named Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Discipline has attracted a number of highly qualified faculties, firmly committed to make the Discipline lead Biotechnology not only in the country but to make it up to the international standards. This is visible from its various research programs in collaboration with different universities in Bangladesh and across the globe. The prime objective of this Discipline is to achieve excellence in academia and research by investigating innovative spheres in Biotechnology, for the creation of goods and services to the society at large.

The programs in Biotechnology provide an introduction to the broad spectrum of biological sciences. A four year B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering prepares students for a wide range of employment opportunities, including entry to vaccine industries, biotechnology derived product facilities, pharmaceutical industries, food processing and agro-based industries.  It also provides solid background for those interested in careers in different national research institutes and laboratories. A B.Sc. degree in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering can also lead to post-graduate studies within the Discipline and other universities in Bangladesh and abroad and subsequent research careers in universities, research institutes, hospitals, and industrial or governmental laboratories.